OT: Nat Geo Best of 2019 and the de cade

P. J. Alling webstertwentysix at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 23:40:06 EST 2020

I stopped trying to correct people about when decades end, (hint there's 
no year zero, so decades are one based), but the National Geographic 
should know better.  I know that screws with how people think of decades 
the aughts, teens, twenties, but that's just the way it is.  Besides the 
teens start at 13, and the leaves '11 and '12 as orphans anyway...

On 1/14/2020 10:17 PM, Daniel J. Matyola wrote:
> https://email.nationalgeographic.com/H/2/v40000016f52391698a7716b6e965fd798/e48584af-8518-405b-acbb-74336b13f9fa/HTML
> Dan Matyola
> *https://tinyurl.com/DJM-Pentax-Gallery
> <https://tinyurl.com/DJM-Pentax-Gallery>*

Any idiot can shoot with a Canon, Nikon, or Sony, it takes a special kind of idiot to use a Pentax.

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