OT: Not the greatest past few weeks...

P. J. Alling webstertwentysix at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 15:34:53 EST 2020

It's not much comfort, but he made it 18 years, which is pretty good for 
a dog.  It sounds like he had a good life.  I hope everything else works 

On 1/20/2020 10:21 PM, Jeffery Johnson | Photo Captures by Jeffery wrote:
> The past few weeks here have been worrisome, stressful and emotionally 
> draining. My partner of 28 years had to be put in the hospital last 
> Saturday. He had been getting weak and was staying in bed a lot. He 
> has had a fatty cyst on his lower back that has never given him 
> trouble but with him laying down a lot it ended up getting infected. 
> This caused him to get an infection and with his liver damage it 
> wasn't sending signals to his body that he had the infection. Got him 
> home this past Thursday from the hospital with a hole in his lower 
> back where they opened it to drain the infection and other fluids. It 
> has to be packed and bandaged everyday. He is still weak but is way 
> better than he was before we got him to the hospital.
> Tiny our 18 year old sweet little tea cup chihuahua passed away today. 
> He had worried himself sick about his daddy and started not eating or 
> drinking. When I would come in from being at the hospital each day I 
> would love on him and he would spend time with me but then would go 
> and lay back down waiting on his daddy to come home. Last Friday I 
> rushed him to the vet as he was still lethargic and very weak. The vet 
> did all he could for him but his tiny heart just couldn't take anymore 
> and he died mid day today. Once the ground has thawed some I will be 
> burying him with his favorite toy, a small little bear.
> So I have been taking care of my partner and now I am mourning and 
> hurting from the loss of our four legged son.
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