GESO (2): something slithery (WARNING: PHOTOS OF SNAKES)

Daniel J. Matyola danmatyola at
Tue Jan 21 10:11:26 EST 2020

The first of my three survival training courses in the Marine Corps was in
Florida, during primary flight training.

Before turning us loose in the back country, they gave a presentation on
the snakes that are found in the region, including the deadly coral snake.
The advised us that the snakes generally hid in the palmetto patches.

One of my best friends, Jack, grew up in the city and hated "the woods."
For the first four days of our survival exercise, he was constantly falling
behind our small group. and he refused to come within 10 feet of a palmetto
plant, and they were all over the place.  Bt day six, he was so hungry that
he was crawling through the palmetto patches screaming "Where are the damn

True Story.

Dan Matyola

On Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 10:10 PM John <jsessoms002 at> wrote:

> I am however, reminded of what my old First Sargent used to say ...
> *Leave the snake alone!*

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