GESO (2): something slithery (WARNING: PHOTOS OF SNAKES)

John jsessoms002 at
Mon Jan 20 22:10:20 EST 2020

On 1/20/2020 11:15:28, Subash Jeyan wrote:
> On Sun, 19 Jan 2020 21:07:09 -0800
> Larry Colen <lrc at> wrote:
>>> On Jan 19, 2020, at 5:33 AM, Daniel J. Matyola
>>> <danmatyola at> wrote:
>>> Two excellent images.  I like the first better, because of the
>>> simple. OoF background and the clarity of the forked tongue.
>>> Fine work as usual.
>> I agree with Dan, nice work and that the first one is better, also
>> the second one looks like it is suffering from harsh light (beyond
>> your control I understand) and the highlights seem pushed pretty
>> hard, almost blown out on the underside of the head.  It is
>> interesting to me that at first the second one looked rather like a
>> rattlesnake. In this part of the world only the venomous snakes
>> (rattlers) have slitted pupils.  Gopher snakes can have very similar
>> markings, and have been known to flatten their heads out to get a
>> similar triangular shaped head with a narrower neck to rattle snakes.
>>   Granted, most people don’t seem inclined to get close enough to see
>> the pupils well enough to make sure something is a rattlesnake.
> thanks Larry, i agree with you. i was initially hesitant to post the
> russell's viper precisely due to the reasons you mentioned. try to
> recover in post but couldn't.... interesting fact about the slitted
> eye. don't know whether it is true here. but the russell's viper causes
> the most number of deaths resulting from snake bites here...i could go
> fairly close to it because i had an expert handler by my side.

I am however, reminded of what my old First Sargent used to say ...

*Leave the snake alone!*

Science - Questions we may never find answers for.
Religion - Answers we must never question.

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