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I'm pretty sure that I disagree with their list.  The K1000 yes, but 
really it's frame was pretty much the same as any Spotmatic, (especially 
the F who's electronics are actually interchangeable), just with a K 
mount, (as were the KM, the KX having an improved faster reacting SPD 
metering system).

The 6x7, there's nothing else really nothing else like it, but that's 
sort of the problem, it's influence on the industry was fairly low.

The K10D was and is still great, but the K20D got twice the Buzz, I 
remember articles about the K20D being Pentax's big turnaround...

The LX was and is a great camera system, but it's influence was also 
pretty limited on the industry.

The Auto 110 also had very limited influence, or should we say no influence.

They ignore the firsts, or mention them simply in passing, (which 
weren't always firsts, but sometimes seconds, abet in much higher 
quality longer lasting camera bodies), that did have lasting influence 
on the industry.

The first, (actually second, but few remember the first), use of a 
Pentaprism in an SLR.

The first announced, (though, second released), TTL metering system.

The first released AF SLR.

The first Aperture Priority auto exposure SLR.

The MZ-D, which was never released, but could have been the first FF 
35mm DSLR, (overshadowed by the Kodak and Canon FF cameras that were 
released).  Which might have been the best decision, based on what 
happened to the Contex DSLR using the same sensor...

On 1/18/2020 7:22 AM, Steve Cottrell wrote:
> On 18/1/20, Steve Cottrell, discombobulated, unleashed:
>> Pentax Week on DP Review with a 2nd video, this time on the most
>> important cameras...
> <>
> Just watched - interesting. Cameras covered:
> Pentax K1000
> Asahi Pentax 6X7
> Pentax LX
> Pentax Auto 110
> Pentax K10D
> Pentax 645Z
> MX gets a nod.
Any idiot can shoot with a Canon, Nikon, or Sony, it takes a special kind of idiot to use a Pentax.

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