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A couple weeks ago, at a job about 50 miles from home, one of the employees was talking about playing a gig at a venue a mile from my house, they were the opening act.  Long story short, I’ve known Ehrin, the guitarist for Dub Congress, the headlining band, since about 1976 (I think he was about 8) when his mom dated my dad.  The lighting at this venue has always sucked for photographing bands.  They use highly saturated lights, with regular tungsten only on center stage. I did enjoy the music though, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a reggae band (much less two of them) play. Now that pot is legal in California, the ambience of the room was nostalgic of my college years.

I was bracketing with the silly hope of being able to combine images so the colored lights in the background wouldn’t be totally blown out. As you well know, HDR doesn’t work particularly well when things move around in the frame.  Combine that with oversaturated lighting and the results can be rather entertaining.

For those interested in the full set.  This is the opening band, The Rudians.  Gio, the lead guitarist is the one I met at the jobsite:

The weird looking guitarish instrument is a 5 string headless bass.

The second set is Dub Congress.  Ehrin (in baseball cap) plays lead guitar.  In the small world department, when a friend said that his son in law Aaron was in the band Dub Congress, I thought it was an even smaller world, since I couldn’t hear the difference in spelling.  Aaron is on drums.

Another frame I particularly like from this show is of the MC Rocky, who Ehrin says has been MCing reggae shows in the area for well over 40 years.

Now I need to get around to processing the photos from the swing band I was dancing to last night.

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