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ann sanfedele annsan at nyc.rr.com
Fri Jan 17 21:23:19 EST 2020

So I have one 8 x 8 hardbound (of course) copy of "The First Time I saw Paris" (besides my own copy) in the house...
Yours for $50 plus media mail shipping in USA $2.75) and whatever it would be elsewhere.

Now there were a couple of folk around the globe that told me once upon a time that they
  would love the book but the shipping was excessive..
so - if any of you far away who are expecting visitors from the USA in the near / relative near future maybe we could
prevail  upon one to  slip it in their luggage to bring to you whend PDML meetings... or if any from abroad are coming to
GFM in June I'm sure I can get it there, if not in person then by mailing it there.

I'm only making $6.00 a copy - but since I already bought this copy for $44 it feels like I'd be making more because I'd be getting my investment back :-)

Of course there are several calendars, a t shirt or two and mugs as well as the Paris book and the puzzle book available on line
at my "store" on Create Photo calendars..


thanks for lookin anyway, kids



ann sanfedele photography

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