FS Friday: lightly used KP, KatzEye screen, bonus lens

Juan Buhler juanbuhler at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 12:17:25 EST 2020

I am sad to say, I *really* tried to love the KP. I love the image quality,
it's definitely better than some full frame cameras. But I think I am too
deep into mirrorless, and my eyes don't like OVFs anymore.

The shutter was fired 579 times only, so this camera is a good as new. I
installed a KatzEye split image screen in order to focus manual lenses.

Here is the listing:


As for a PDML discount: contact me privately. Also, if you buy it and are a
list member, I will replace the A50/2 lens with the FA50/1.7.



Juan Buhler - http://www.jbuhler.com

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