PDML meet-up in Britain? Early May...

Steve Cottrell cotty at seeingeye.tv
Fri Jan 17 05:21:17 EST 2020

On 16/1/20, Stanley Halpin, discombobulated, unleashed:

>	- to Exeter or further southwest, say Plymouth or Tavistock, via train
>or auto
>	- 7-night stay in an inn, day trips out and about

Just can't keep you away ;-)

Exeter is one of our possible move-to destinations so we know that part ot the world quite well and have a couple of bolt-holes. Will try and get down there if we can.

Subject of course to the usual ailments and stresses - we were trying to get up to London later today to visit with Mark and Lisa but it's proving difficult with my car in for service and Alma's recovering cataract operation, her eye is a bit tender these past few days and the checkup appointment a few days away still.

Will liaise nearer the time



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