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Thu Jan 16 21:51:44 EST 2020

On 1/16/2020 16:36:03, Postmaster wrote:
> A bit further along the canal this time:
> Background: Yesterday (Wednesday) Lisa and I took a walk along the
> Tennet & Avon Canal, from Bath to Bradford-on-Avon. It's around 12
> miles from our hotel in Bath to the center of Bradford-on-Avon and all
> pretty much dead flat because it's on the canal tow path. The weather
> changed constantly from rain to cloudy to sunny and back. This photo
> was obviously taken during one of the sunny spells. Because the walk
> was so easy we finished in much less time that we'd planned for (we're
> used to the arduous terrain of the Pennine Way, White Mountains, etc.)
> so we had a pint at a pub in Bradford-on-Avon and explored the place a
> little. It's a beautiful little town with lots on medieval
> architecture and an old Saxon church. Well worth the trip.

Reminiscent of the Williams family English landscape painters.

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