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Thu Jan 16 16:36:03 EST 2020

A bit further along the canal this time:

Background: Yesterday (Wednesday) Lisa and I took a walk along the
Tennet & Avon Canal, from Bath to Bradford-on-Avon. It's around 12
miles from our hotel in Bath to the center of Bradford-on-Avon and all
pretty much dead flat because it's on the canal tow path. The weather
changed constantly from rain to cloudy to sunny and back. This photo
was obviously taken during one of the sunny spells. Because the walk
was so easy we finished in much less time that we'd planned for (we're
used to the arduous terrain of the Pennine Way, White Mountains, etc.)
so we had a pint at a pub in Bradford-on-Avon and explored the place a
little. It's a beautiful little town with lots on medieval
architecture and an old Saxon church. Well worth the trip.

Mark Roberts - Photography & Multimedia

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