PDML meet-up in Britain? Early May...

Stanley Halpin stan at stans-photography.info
Thu Jan 16 10:39:20 EST 2020

I had thought I might be able to set something up for early May, but as my plans firm up, the opportunities diminish. 
However, variation to the following still quite possible!

• Arr Southampton 1 May.
	- to Exeter or further southwest, say Plymouth or Tavistock, via train or auto
	- 7-night stay in an inn, day trips out and about

• Drive from wherever to Shaftsbury on 8 May
• Overnight Shaftsbury 8-9 May 
• Drive to Heathrow 10 May, overnight at LHR hotel
• Dep for U.S. Monday 11 May

The arrival and departure are firm. The Friday-Saturday in Shaftsbury is quite firm. Sometime between our arrival in Shaftsbury Friday mid-afternoon to our departure for Heathrow mid-day Sunday we will spend some TBD time with Meg’s relative who lives nearby. The period 1 May through 8 May is totally subject to variation, with the exception that Meg does want to go SW for at least some period to revisit the area around Tavistock where her father was born.

Suggestions welcome!


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