GESO: GFM 2009

ann sanfedele annsan at
Tue Jan 14 21:59:42 EST 2020

It was 2007... I took a train out to Harrisburg, stayed overnight your 
daughter gave up her bedroom to me)  and you and I drove down.. I 
confirmed this
by look at my shots where Mark is wearing that T shirt you photo'ed him 
in, below.

and yes, Cotty was there :-)


On 1/14/2020 9:31 PM, Scott Loveless wrote:
> Is this thing on?
> So, back in 2009 I went to the GFM NPW.  Pretty sure that's the year
> Cotty was there.  Might have been 2008.  Anyway, I'm very slowly
> digging through film scans and have come across some portraits taken
> on the Mountain.  I'll add them to the gallery as I find them.  The
> first two are Mark and Doug.  Clearly, there is Pentax content, but
> these were taken with a Mamiya C220 TLR.  Probably on Tri-X or Plus-X.
> I think I've enjoyed the NPW for the camaraderie most of all.  The
> nature photography bit is nice, but PDML folks make it worth the trip.
> See youse this Spring!

ann sanfedele photography

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