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>> A friend wants a print of one of my night time panoramas at Thunderhill racetrack:
> Wow! Absolutely breathtaking.


>> It would be really nice if there was software that could stitch the night sky and the terrestrial foreground separately.
> What would be the advantage? Just asking…

The stars move during the exposures.  If the sky is stitched properly there are jaggies on the horizon where the ground didn’t move.  That’s the way it always seems to work.  I spent a lot of time on my McWay McMoonset panorama because the horizon wasn’t smooth.

> You'd have to use a separate stitching software, e.g. Hugin. Or try the
> 30-day-demo of ON1 Photo RAW. Both output panoramas as a layered and

I could try and do it in ON1. I almost gave it a try, but I’m really swamped right now and didn’t have several hours to throw at the try.  

Bay photo as a 30% off on their Xposer prints, which makes a 20x30 about $55, but the sale ends tomorrow, so I just needed to get it out.

> masked (.PSD) Photoshop file with the adjusted, blended but not yet
> stitched images which you could then fine-tune in PS before flattening
> the file.

One of these days I need to learn something photoshop like for these more challenging processing jobs.  I keep running into the 168 problem, that there are only 168 hours in a week (on average).

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