Panorama redo

Larry Colen lrc at
Sun Jan 12 14:06:42 EST 2020

A friend wants a print of one of my night time panoramas at Thunderhill racetrack:

I’ve never made a print of this particular image so I wanted to go back in and make sure everything was just right. One problem with lightroom panoramas is that you can’t specify to use a certain piece from a certain image.  Their whole stitching process is opaque and unpredictable, but I was eventually able to get it to include the bit I wanted it to.

It’s a stitch of images taken with the 15-30, not using astrotracer.  It would be really nice if there was software that could stitch the night sky and the terrestrial foreground separately.  It would be even nicer if I knew how to use it.

Larry Colen
lrc at

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