January PUG is up

ann sanfedele annsan at nyc.rr.com
Thu Jan 9 18:45:52 EST 2020

Thanks, Ken!  I didn't have to go far to shoot that scene - literally, 
in front of my building's front door - before I ducked back in...
Ralf - becareful what you wish for :-)  and thanks for you other guys 
that liked  the shot , Dan, Stan (?;-)) et. al if I missed someone.

Most of the other shots in the gallery were of storms that were very 
appealing.. as opposed to being "glad I missed that storm" provoking.
PJ and Dan made me wish I were  where they took theirs at that moment.  
But Patrick made me wish his shot was mine more than others.
Beautiful but ominous at the same time.

QUestion for Matt about the lightening shot.. was that a combo of two 
exposures IN CAMERA? were you shooting rapid fire with the camera
on a tripod in the same spot?  The Weather Channel folk tell us that 
there are more lighting strikes in Florida than any other location in 
the USA..
at least I think that is what i remember them saying.  Hope you were 
inside a building and shooting through a window

anyway - This was a really lovely gallery altogether.


On 1/9/2020 12:00 PM, Ken Waller wrote:
> Having grown up in a densely populated city, I can appreciate Ann’s “City Snow” image having been through numerous blizzards that produced the same scenes in my town. Well seen and captured Ann.
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>> From: Ralf R Radermacher <fotoralf at gmx.de>
>> Subject: Re: January PUG is up
>> My favourites, in no particular order: P.J.'s Ice Storm, Daniel's Spring
>> Snow Storm, Paul's Fog (though there's usually either storm or fog), and
>> Annsan's City Snow, mainly because we haven't had any decent snow here
>> in almost a decade.
>> All the rest are great as well, of course.
>> Ralf
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