January PUG is up

Steve Cottrell cotty at seeingeye.tv
Wed Jan 8 16:06:20 EST 2020

On 8/1/20, Brian W, discombobulated, unleashed:

>Welcome to PUG 2020.  A really good selection of images to start the year.  My
>favourites are Patrick's moody "Stormy Clarens" and Matthews electrifying
>"Destin Thunderstorm".
>View the gallery here:

That's a great gallery this month - so well done - great shots everyone. Particularly liked Peter Alling's 'Ice Storm', Matthew Hunt's 'Destin Thunderstorm', Patrick Nelson's 'Stormy Clarens', and Rick Womer's Squall Line' - but again, all the rest of such great quality as well.

Inspirational each and every one!



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