PESO 2020 - Holiday Card Forest - GDG

Godfrey DiGiorgi godfreydigiorgi at
Mon Jan 6 16:09:30 EST 2020

The Season has drawn to its close. It was a quiet season at the beginning, with a slow-ish start, but the greeting cards came in at the end and took their place in our annual Holiday Card Forest.

Thanks to all of you who contributed with a card again this year, and to the couple of new card senders too! Actually sending physical cards around is something that I hope never dies out. There is something physical, tangible about it—so different from ecards and FB greetings. 

All the cards are put away now, the bear is back with his buddies under the night table. Another year's cycle is already in progress. I look forward to seeing what forest grows at the end of this year… :)

If you're afraid to fall down, you'll never stand up.

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