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Sun Jan 5 18:35:17 EST 2020

Dave -- so sorry to hear all that!..   your story is certainly not a 
rant , and if sharing the story helps you in anyway at all
never hesitate.  The gang in list is so supportive when things go south 
for any of us.
The photos are adorable and I can see how they would bring a big smile 
and encouragement.


On 1/5/2020 11:45 AM, David J Brooks wrote:
> Sorry for the online rant, but i felt the need to share this story and
> these two photos taken by my daughters iPhone 11 something
> Back in Nov our doctors found a tumour in Liz's lung and neck. She under
> went a biopsy and fell ill from surgery complication shortly there after
> and has been in the hospital for about 2.5 weeks so far getting over
> pneumonia a UTI and C-Diff caught in the hospital. She has been in lock
> down for over a week and on the mend but my grand daughter Gwen wanted to
> hand deliver a home made get well card. We still have to wear a gown and
> gloves but the nurses said she could visit.
> She has had starting radiation at the hospital and will under go a "
> radiation knife" on a spot in her brain this week at a another cancer
> hospital in Toronto, one of the worlds best.
> The visit and card cheered her up and so was I.
> Again sorry for the rant
> Dave

ann sanfedele photography

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