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Fri Jan 3 16:56:08 EST 2020

Am 03.01.20 um 22:29 schrieb Scott Loveless:

> Well, maybe not a full write-up, but a "hey, this thing arrived at my
> house" write-up.  KEH had an EX K10D for less than a Benjamin, so I
> figured "why not?

The K10D was and still is a really fine camera. I loved its Sony sensor
and the Samsung chip in the K-7 I got next was an awful disappointment.

My K10D has given me thousands of good shots before I passed it on to
Michael. Unfortunately it developed a problem with the buttons on the
rear failing one after the other and Pentax asked a fortune for the
repair, so we got Michael a K-r instead that he's still using.

The K10D has joined my Contarex, VSL1, Minox 35 and other great but no
longer working cameras of days long gone on what we call our camera shrine.


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