Link Farm Covered Bridge (1912), Giles Co., VA

Dale H. Cook radiotest at
Fri Jan 3 14:47:41 EST 2020

I am continuing to photograph covered bridges in my region, and 
yesterday visited the Link Farm Covered Bridge (1912) in Giles County, 
Virginia. If any of you have seen Dirty Dancing, that film was set at a 
Catskills resort in upper New York state, but the film actually used two 
resorts in the southeast for the shooting. One was Mountain Lake Hotel 
in Giles County, Virginia, and the Link Farm bridge is just off of 
Mountain Lake Road. Larry Colen kindly suggested some things that I can 
do to improve my photographs, including bracketing images and using 
histograms to avoid clipping. I experimented with that at home, and 
tried to use it in the field for this bridge but somehow got to the 
wrong setting and overexposed all of the images. I was running late and 
did not review the histograms in the field. That was a big mistake as 
all were badly clipped at the high end because of my error. I have 
posted the best of them, using post to correct somewhat for the 

I have created a new page just for my covered bridge photos, as I expect 
to be taking many more, and revisiting some bridges in better weather:

and have also redone the post for my earlier photo of Sinking Creek 
Covered Bridge (1916) which originally was too garish:
Dale H. Cook, decades as 35mm SLR photographer, now
Pentax K-70 w/ Pentax-DA 18-270mm walking-around lens

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