PESO That Sorry Caravan

ann sanfedele annsan at
Wed Jan 1 10:09:46 EST 2020

Don't always agree with you about which photo of a subject is the one to 
be "bannered" as it were, but I do this time. I like both the color and BW
and the sorry Rv reminds me of two things.  The one in "Into the Wild"  
and what a ranger told me about the condition Edward Abbey left the trailer
he lived in at Arches back in the sixties (Desert Solitaire) ...though 
neither of those were torn apart inside to the extent yours is..


On 12/31/2019 4:41 PM, Larry Colen wrote:
> Definitely not a caravansary, I put a bit more effort into processing.  Maybe when I get home I’ll do a pano of the HDRs.
> I’m curious about how people feel about color vs black and white
> color:
> black and white
> Full album

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