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John. the building is old and the apartments are too. I wrote a follow 
up - the blondes have ben seen roaming the neigborhood maskless..  They 
are hanging out on the fairly low fireescape without masks.  These are 
rich families kids.. they are not bundled 5 in a room.  The building 
isn't owned by NYU.  The aparments are rentals.  THe fireescape is not a 
good place to hang out under anycircumstance.. 5 of them on one level?

They are supposed to be social distancing or have done so before getting 
They are all taking turns taking photos of one another and huddling over 
their phones.  But they should not be out on the fire escape for any reason
and we know they have been running around the neighborhood without masks..

On 8/26/2020 12:13 PM, John wrote:
> I don't know what housing arrangements are like in an old apartment 
> building turned into a dormitory, but I suspect those women are 
> room-mates living together.
> Does the University have the whole building & renovated it into a 
> dormitory? Or is the University just buying up apartments à la carte 
> to house students wherever they can?
> They could be social distancing from the rest of the world, but what 
> would be the point of social distancing from each other if they're all 
> sleeping in the same apartment, sharing a bathroom & kitchen?
> In the image, you have the two outside women striking a pose while the 
> three inside women are photographing them with their phones ... except 
> that the seated women appears to be chimping an image she's already 
> taken.
> Roommates. How do you social distance from your college roommates?
> On 8/24/2020 09:04:54, Ralf R Radermacher wrote:
>> Am 24.08.20 um 02:56 schrieb ann sanfedele:
>>> As my downstairs neighbor put it "prancing and posing" with no pretense
>>> of social distacing.
>> That appears to be a universal problem. Well, something must be causing
>> all those rising numbers.
>> In front of the café and restaurant across our little square before my
>> window, they are greeting each other with hugs and kisses and their idea
>> of social distancing looks more like sitting in each others' laps. If
>> they're wearing masks, they have them under their chins.
>> The last few weekends here have been exceptionally warm and our police
>> had their hands full closing down pubs where noone gave a damn about
>> protection rules and disbanding illegal raves in warehouses and parks.
>> A few weeks ago, I've read an article somewhere describing the typical
>> superspreader as: young, loud, and doesn't have symptoms yet. Check!
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