PESO - from my dirty office window last Sunday..

Subash Jeyan at
Mon Aug 24 07:08:58 EDT 2020

great shot Ann....

On Sun, 23 Aug 2020 20:56:55 -0400
ann sanfedele <annsan at> wrote:

> New York University has been gobbling up our neighborhood.. and some
> of the apartments inthe older buildings on our street have become
> student housing.
> The students have returned from across the country two weeks early to 
> quarantine themselves before classes start if they have come from
> states with a dangerously high
> Covid infection rate.   I haven't been looking for things to photo at 
> all these days.. except for stuff I want to sell on ebay, but I
> happened to look out my office window
> last Sunday in the afternoon because I heard a commontion around the 
> corner on 1st ave.  That turned out to be a cyclist protest ride that
> I wasn't quick enough ti get my
> camera off the tripod and get some shots having gotten to see only
> the last of the crowd going by.. then I looked across the street and
> found this.
> As my downstairs neighbor put it "prancing and posing" with no
> pretense of social distacing.  The students are out and about in the
> neighborhood already mostly
> maskless .. not really quarantining themselves.   We ( folks in the 
> 'hood) are guessing  it won't be too long before NYU will have to
> shut down the in person classes.

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