GESO: Buffalos

Igor PDML-StR pdmlstr at
Mon Aug 17 16:44:43 EDT 2020

Very impressive!
I especially liked the last one as well, - with their attention toward 
you, they look as if they were posing for a family portrait.


Alan C Tue, 04 Aug 2020 07:13:06 -0700 wrote:

Yes, Bob & Paul. The last one was taken on the return trip in the 
afternoon, hence the back lighting. They were resting after drinking at 
the Tsendze river. There were scenes like that for about ½ km up to 50m 
deep in the bush. The herd consists of mature cows & juveniles. The 
breeding males only move in for that purpose. There were actually two huge 
herds of Buffalo & a slightly smaller herd of Wildebeest. Being ruminants 
like cattle they can eat any grasses, even dry stuff. Very strong, 
dangerous animals - an adult can toss a Lion.

Alan C

On 04-Aug-20 03:20 PM, Paul Sorenson wrote:

     My favorite would be the last one - 81296.  It looks like you've 
gained the attention of all of them.


     On 8/4/2020 1:20 AM, Bob Pdml wrote:

         Beautiful creatures!

             On 4 Aug 2020, at 05:15, Alan C <c... at> wrote:

             A few shots of Buffalos we encountered last Thursday. It is 
impossible to capture a herd of 500+ Buffalos but perhaps these images 
give some idea. It takes about half an hour for such a large herd to cross 
the road. 

             K5 with HD 55-300 (4) & Sigma 170-500 DG (1)

             Alan C

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