PESO Chitwood bridge revisit

Igor PDML-StR pdmlstr at
Mon Aug 17 16:30:27 EDT 2020


I liked the color rendition of the 2nd, but the composition (framing) of 
the 3rd (counting the links posted below).



Larry Colen Sun, 09 Aug 2020 14:59:53 -0700 wrote:

Some of you may remember my previous night time attempts to photograph the 
Chitwood covered bridge.  It was extremely challenging because the house 
across the street has a very bright light with a strong green tint to the 
light.  I went back last night to experiment with redoing it, but using 
off camera flash.
  I did bring a studio flash to run off an inverter in my van, but I ended 
up just using a speedlight.  I ran into some challenges, such as the moon 
rising shortly after I started, but I learned important things (like don't 
forget the batteries for the radio triggers, and it really helps to get 
the speedlight off the camera).

I also really missed the field of view of the K-1 when doing these.

I think this one is the best:

This one was fun because it has both m31 and a meteor

I made a couple attempts at Neowise, but had no luck at all, it may have 
blocked by trees or buildings, or it may just be too dim.

This one is more along the lines of what I was trying for, but didn't have 
gear or the skies

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