Perseid meteor shower

Steve Cottrell cotty at
Wed Aug 12 18:48:37 EDT 2020

On 12/8/20, Alan C, discombobulated, unleashed:

>It's amazing how people acclimatize. I love the mid 30's. I tend to wear 
>a jersey below 30. Sub 20 I find freezing. My daughter in Farnham is 
>complaining too.

Ideal for me is anywhere between 18 to 25 tops.

And I grew up in the SF bay area!

The truth is, British weather changes fairly rapidly on the whole. We rarely get more than a week or two of the same thing. The Atlantic has a huge influence here and the jetstream in particular. From midweek next week we'll have our mild westerlies again and temps this time of year will be back to normal for us, about 23 or so. Always hotter in London, so say 25 there.

Lik you say, it's what you're used to :-)



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