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On 8/6/2020 12:51 PM, David J Brooks wrote:

> Finally left the house and went on a short forest walk with 3 other members
> of the TPS camera club. Social distancing as per our Premier.
> http://www.caughtinmotion.com/2020-walkers/album/index.html

As an aficionado of old mills I enjoyed seeing that. Lately my mill 
photos have been of mill dams where the mill proper is long gone.

Garst Mill in Cave Spring, Roanoke Co., VA, was built on Mud Lick Creek 
about 1820, and only the last rebuild of the mill dam remains (Pentax 
K-70, Pentax-DA 18-270mm at 26mm, f/8, ISO 6400, 1/200 sec):


Price's Mill in Newport, Giles Co., VA, was built on Sinking Creek in 
1810, was converted to a small hydro power facility in 1928, and burned 
in 1965 leaving the mill dam and pond (Pentax K-70, Pentax-DA 18-270mm 
at 18mm, f/7.1, ISO 6400, 1/250 sec):


A number of antebellum mills operated in downtown Narrows, Giles Co., 
VA, on Wolf Creek. The mills are long gone, but the mill dam 
(reconstructed in 1986) and pond remain. The pond is now home to ducks 
and geese and the centerpiece of a town park (Pentax K-70, Pentax-DA 
18-270mm at 18mm, f/7.1, ISO 6400, 1/400 sec):

Dale H. Cook, member of the Society for the Preservation of Old Mills
Photographer and researcher of standing mills and mill sites

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