Doug Brewer doug at
Tue Aug 4 11:50:23 EDT 2020

This is not strictly true. Though yes, the PDML settings favor Plain 
Text, there have been adjustments made to allow some MIME 
stripping/conversion in the process, as long as there is also a Plain 
Text version available.

Sending from the subscribed address is important, and message size also 
plays a role, in order to save bandwidth. And of course the intertubes 
sometimes just lose things.

I am not aware of any issues with subject lines causing rejection, but 
that's not to say it's impossible. There have been some syntax errors 
that caused rejection with certain software in the past. I wouldn't mind 
having some examples of suspected subject line-related problems to look 
at if anyone wants to send them to me.


On 8/2/20 2:12 PM, Godfrey DiGiorgi wrote:
> The PDML listserver is fussy and will reject emails that have *any* deviation at all from plain text, sent from the authorized address. It sends no warning or error notification, your email just goes into a black hole. For this reason, if I send a post and see nothing back within a reasonable amount of time, I just send it again being scrupulously careful to make sure it is a plain text post from the correct email address.
> G

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