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Probably the same reason we have European Starlings in North America.

On 8/1/2020 05:47:23, Alan C wrote:
> Thanks, Dave. Yes, a calm, rather warm, "winter's day". Apparently all the 
> English House Sparrows in SA originate from some which escaped from an Aus. 
> bound sailing ship. Can't imagine why they were being taken to Aus.
> I haven't posted any shots but we "intersected" two herds of at least 500 
> Buffalo & a slightly smaller herd of Wildebeest all headed to drinking spots on 
> a river. You just have to be patient & wait!
> Alan C
> On 01-Aug-20 10:14 AM, David Mann wrote:
>> I like that pano.  Must have been a calm day for those reflections.  House 
>> sparrows are common as muck around here (I've always assumed they're common 
>> everywhere).
>> That creosote photo reminds me of the time I coated some timber for the garden 
>> with linseed oil.  I didn't really enjoy it that much.
>> Cheers,
>> Dave
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>>> Trying again.
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>>> Yesterday we went on a day Lockdown excursion to Mopani Camp situated about 
>>> 100km N of the Phalaborwa Gate in the Kruger Park. We were self sufficient 
>>> (just in case) but were treated like royalty when we, the sole visitors, 
>>> arrived. Lunch on the Fish Eagle Terrace was a memorable occasion. A few 
>>> shots: The impressive entrance with Baobab tree; An immigrant - English House 
>>> Sparrow; A worker busy painting the wooden terrace structure with creosote 
>>> (there was recently a bad accident when part of the terrace collapsed because 
>>> of termite damage) & a 4-frame Pano of Pioneer Dam. Regrettably the two bird 
>>> hides at the other side of the dam are still off-limits. Please scroll along.
>>> All with the K5 & HD 55-300
>>> Perhaps I will do another post with some of the animals we encountered.
>>> Alan C
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