Pentax FF v APS

Larry Colen lrc at
Sat Aug 1 02:36:20 EDT 2020

> On Jul 31, 2020, at 1:34 AM, Henk Terhell <hterhell at> wrote:
> Not that this provides any new information, but there is now a dedicated  webpage of the Ricoh/Pentax product planning guy  on progress of the new APS-C flagship.
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I've been considering that with 4-5 years between the K-1 and the new aps flagship, that's like three Moore's law cycles, almost 4, and in theory one moore's law cycle would account for the performance difference betwen aps and FF in sensor performance. The K-3 already outperforms the K-1 in terms of frame rate and buffer size. If it's really going to be flagship level, they should take all of the improvements in autofocus, and expand on them.  By the time the dust settles, if they do it right,  I'd expect that the only advantage the K-1 will retain is a wider angle of  view on full frame lenses, and for some, the larger body would fit better in their hands. 

I also know that if they even hint at a K-1 successor before the new aps is released, it would torpedo the sales of the aps.  I do, however, hope that there is a new ff body in the pipeline, and that it will be released as soon as they can after the aps.  

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