Which laptop for Lightroom and how to test?

Jos de Fotograaf josdefotograaf at 4prof.nl
Wed Oct 30 03:17:58 EDT 2019

Tnx Stan,
If import and export takes long is not really a bother to me. I took 
that because it is easy to measure in time. But you might be right that 
I am just measure I/O speed. However, during the operation I look at the 
task manager and see that in the beginning of the import process, the 
processor is at maximum  (so faster processor would help?) and later on, 
the memory is at 95% ( so 16 GB iso 8 GB would help?)
I will see if I can find a complicated rendering operation and put it on 
10 pictures together, so the time is long enough for accurate timing
Greetz, Jos
On 10/29/2019 10:30 PM, Stanley Halpin wrote:
> Where do you find your present laptop to be a bother? If it is only when you import or export, then it would seem that the key design element you need to look for is fast I/O bus, USB-C or Thunderbolt 3. And then, yes, test as you suggest.
> But I don’t know how such a test would tell you anything about using LR to process your files. Wouldn’t processing use totally different aspects of the system?
> In my own experience, I have an older laptop. MacPro, but that doesn’t matter. I stopped traveling with it because it was too slow. Where I noticed the slowness was e.g. when I had a Grid View, selected a new image, and then switched to Develop module. And then waited and waited while a full size preview was generated. If I were going to test a new system for relative speed, I think some aspect of rendering or processing adjustments might be more important that simple I/O tests.
> I now use a iPad instead, defer any serious processing until I am back home. Even my 3-4 year old iPad is faster than my 10-year old laptop.
> stan
>> On Oct 28, 2019, at 4:58 PM, Jos de Fotograaf <josdefotograaf at 4prof.nl> wrote:
>> Dear group,
>> I need a new laptop and want one that is faster on Lightroom processing than my present HP pavilion with i7 and SSD
>> I think of ordering several "mobile workstations" upto 2000euro and do a comparative test with them.
>> Thinking of i7, 8th or 9th generation / 4 or 6 cores/16 or 32 GB/ 512 or 1000 GB SSD
>> I will keep the best and send the others back.
>> But how to test?
>> I was thinking:
>> * measure time to import 20 K1 DNG files
>> * or export 20 K1 DNG files to high quality JPEGs
>> Would that be a good approach?
>> Or better tests?
>> Tanks in advance, greetz, Jos
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