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He has a series of videos titled "cheap camera review".

It's cheap(er) nowadays, for what it is. The fact that it's keeping its
price so well should be indicative of how good a camera it really is.
Compare it with the Canon G15, from about the same time. The Pentax was a
bit more expensive when they were new, now you can find a G15 on ebay for

I personally wish I had gotten the MX-1 instead of the G15, which I bought
new in 2013. I did take some great photos with that, but it's only a
decent, perfectly performing camera. Not an awesome little gem like the
Pentax is.

You make a good point regarding the price comparison vs a K3. I gave my K3
to my nephew, now I have a KP that I barely use because the Sony A6500 has
better everything for my case (electronic shutter you can use while using
the VF, better autofocusing, it's smaller and lighter) and to enjoy my
manual Pentax lenses I have the A7ii. So if I had to choose just one camera
then sure, the MX-1 might not make that list (the GR II would be that one
camera btw) but hey.

Yes, I have too many cameras. Help.


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On Sun, Oct 27, 2019 at 1:30 PM P. J. Alling <webstertwentysix at>

> He calls it a cheap camera review.   I think it would have been subject
> to less derision if it had actually been inexpensive.   I also think
> that it would have been more valuable if it could accept an external EVF
> that it shared with the Q series cameras thus making it part of a
> system, among other things.   If I still had some money to burn, but
> then again you can pick up a EX K-3 from for about what Amazon
> has a MX-1 listed for.
> On 10/27/2019 3:24 PM, Juan Buhler wrote:
> > I wanted to start a thread on this little gem of a camera. From what I
> see
> > in the list over the years (Gmail keeps everything!), the styling and
> > perceived limitations were made fun of a little, then some people posted
> > some images made with it, and that's all I found.
> >
> > What I don't see is any acknowledgment of the fact that this is a
> > delightful camera to use. I do think the design and materials contribute
> to
> > this, there's a tactile quality to it, plus the tiltable screen, which is
> > plenty big and sharp even in 2019, and the usual great Pentax feature set
> > and menus, make it just that: a pleasure to shoot with.
> >
> > The weird choice of painted brass and the whole "will acquire patina"
> > thing, I take almost as a sarcastic commentary on planned obsolescence.
> > Probably unintentional, but interesting commentary in any case. Plus is
> yet
> > another instance of a camera company that could only be described as
> > "quirky". Think about it: They brought us the K-01, the Q series, the
> MX-1.
> > They were making non-pro DSLRs with weather sealing and IS back in 2006.
> > They make a lens series that is all metal, like it's 1965 or something.
> > Their acquisition by Ricoh is a perfect marriage: the company that makes
> > the GR series, made the GXR and other weird cameras like those is a great
> > match. Hey if you want great AF and new cameras every three weeks go get
> a
> > Sony or Canon, those are not going away anyway. I am glad there's someone
> > seemingly experimenting and making cool stuff.
> >
> > Back to the MX-1: I love this camera. Yes it would be great to have a hot
> > shoe, I've been thinking I might tastefully epoxy one to mine. If Pentax
> > were to make an MX-2, with a similar body and features and a 20MP 1"
> > sensor, I would be all over it.
> >
> > While I wait for my patina to develop, I leave you with this really nice
> > 2019 review of the MX-1. Check out that guy's channel too, he likes his
> > Pentaxes.
> >
> >
> >
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