GESO: Sylvan Heights Bird Park

John jsessoms002 at
Sun Oct 27 15:55:54 EDT 2019

The Sylvan Heights Bird Park is one of the largest conservation bird parks in 
the U.S. and it's only about 2 hours from my house (allowing time for a 
leisurely stop at McDonald's in Nashville, NC to get coffee).

It has large, open air (netted) enclosures you can walk inside and get up close 
& personal with the birds. I got to go down there a couple weeks ago to see what 
I could do with the 600/4.

The first 6 are with the 600/4, number 7 is with the 80-200/2.8 Masked Lapwing?

This little guy was a fugitive from the Australia exhibit running about in the 
enclosure for the Florida Flamingos. American Flamingo Mandarin Duck

Another fugitive ... this time from the Europe-Asia exhibit. I don't think they 
get too fussed about "escapees" getting into other enclosures as long as the 
birds are safe. Hammerkop Chilean Flamingo

The Chileann Flamingos weren't as pink as the American Flamingos. I think they 
may have not gotten as many of whatever crustacean Flamingos eat that gives them 
the pink color. ???? Lapwing?

I didn't find this one in the Wikipedia article about lapwings, so I'm not sure 
what it is, or if it even is a Lapwing, but it's got that same little flap on 
the side of its face. Whooping Crane

And finally the Whooping Crane - not very sharp because his head was moving as 
he groomed himself and I was shooting through a chain link fence. This is one of 
the birds you can't get into the enclosure with. Sylvan Heights has a breeding 
pair, both injured so they can't be released back into the wild. I only include 
it because most people will never even get to see a live Whooping Crane

As usual, I'm not all that certain about my identifications, so if anyone knows 
better, let me know.

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