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Sun Oct 27 15:24:16 EDT 2019

I wanted to start a thread on this little gem of a camera. From what I see
in the list over the years (Gmail keeps everything!), the styling and
perceived limitations were made fun of a little, then some people posted
some images made with it, and that's all I found.

What I don't see is any acknowledgment of the fact that this is a
delightful camera to use. I do think the design and materials contribute to
this, there's a tactile quality to it, plus the tiltable screen, which is
plenty big and sharp even in 2019, and the usual great Pentax feature set
and menus, make it just that: a pleasure to shoot with.

The weird choice of painted brass and the whole "will acquire patina"
thing, I take almost as a sarcastic commentary on planned obsolescence.
Probably unintentional, but interesting commentary in any case. Plus is yet
another instance of a camera company that could only be described as
"quirky". Think about it: They brought us the K-01, the Q series, the MX-1.
They were making non-pro DSLRs with weather sealing and IS back in 2006.
They make a lens series that is all metal, like it's 1965 or something.
Their acquisition by Ricoh is a perfect marriage: the company that makes
the GR series, made the GXR and other weird cameras like those is a great
match. Hey if you want great AF and new cameras every three weeks go get a
Sony or Canon, those are not going away anyway. I am glad there's someone
seemingly experimenting and making cool stuff.

Back to the MX-1: I love this camera. Yes it would be great to have a hot
shoe, I've been thinking I might tastefully epoxy one to mine. If Pentax
were to make an MX-2, with a similar body and features and a 20MP 1"
sensor, I would be all over it.

While I wait for my patina to develop, I leave you with this really nice
2019 review of the MX-1. Check out that guy's channel too, he likes his


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