PESO: Pepe

Juan Buhler juanbuhler at
Sat Oct 26 23:18:35 EDT 2019

> Good to have you back! Since you were last here 10 years ago I've
> moved to Boston and now teach photography at a small college in the
> suburbs. I show many of my classes examples of your work. Including
> the famous "60mm H Limited" lens and photos made with it - it's still
> viewable on the internet archive :)

Thanks Mark! Wow, so funny someone is still looking at that H Limited lens!
Nowadays you can get them on ebay for $20, but we can say we had them here
at PDML before they were hip ;)

I've been wanting to come back to the list for a while. It's nice to
reconnect with old friends!


Juan Buhler -

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