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Juan Buhler juanbuhler at
Sat Oct 26 16:50:49 EDT 2019

...and for "every so often" I mean "for the first time in what, 10 years or

Long time member, have been lurking for many years now.

I've been shooting with either Sony cameras or the Ricoh GR II. But in the
last year or so I've developed a fascination with older, ~12MP small sensor
cameras. I got both a Q7 and an MX-1. Those are both excellent cameras, for
different reasons, but both fun to shoot with. The MX-1 in particular is a
delight to take photos with--you should have seen me last month on Paris, I
was all like <when I visit the city of light, I always bring my Pentax
MX-1> and <will acquire patina>. I lacked only the accent and the hat from
the guy in that hilarious MX-1 Pentax ad.

Anyway, here is the PESO: Pepe, one of my dogs. Taken with the Q7 and the
standard zoom, plus a little FlashQ handheld and triggered by the camera
via the Flash remote. Cropped and edited to taste in LR.

I think it's a fun picture:


Juan Buhler -

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