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Fri Oct 25 08:41:13 EDT 2019

Got the numbering on these a little out of order but eh? doesn't really matter. 

I took a nice cycle ride on Wednesday... Hopped the train with the Fatboy Comp Carbon here in Santa Clara and exitted in Redwood City.

I met a friend there for lunch. Afterwards, I let Google Maps guide me back down the Peninsula towards Mountain View. I had it set to cycling and it took me through a marvelously twisty and fun route that I'd never have dreamed up myself. I stopped several times to make a photo when the light and the scene moved me. 

First, at the edge of Menlo Park and Palo Alto, there was this giraffe:

After that, I crossed over the US 101 highway complex at the Arastradero maze using the very long pedestrian bridge there and headed out on the Bay Trail. It was a lovely day out and the trail was completely empty when I was there, the first time that's happened on the rides I've taken there.

This trail goes way out onto the edge of SF Bay, and can take you onto dirt around east of Moffet Field, but I didn't want to go that way. Hopping back over US 101 via another pedestrian bridge, and then wiggling through one neighborhood after another, I found myself right back at one of my favorite cafe's in downtown Mountain View, Dana Street Roasting Company. These chairs begged to be photographed, the light was stunning in rich contrasts.

From there to home is a (mostly boring) pretty straight shot down Evelyn and onto Monroe, about 8 miles or so long. I didn't stop again to make any photos in that section, I just pounded pedals and flew as it is slightly downhill most of the way… :)

All told, it was 27 miles on that run at 11.8 mph average speed. I pummeled down 1400 calories of pedaling... It was great! All photos made with the Leica CL fitted with Voigtländer 10mm f/5.6. 

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