PESO at the piano

Larry Colen lrc at
Wed Oct 23 21:32:44 EDT 2019

My friend Tom asked (or at least strongly hinted) me to photograph at a gig they did last week. The hint was something along the lines of “We really appreciate the photos you take at our shows, and to thank you, I can put you on the guest list for the next one”.  I also ended up getting a free dinner out of it, so that was nice.

Here is a shot of Kylan playing at the piano and Colette(?) sitting on the bench with him.

For those that are interested, here’s the full set:

I kind of blew the exposure/bracketing.  It was really tough light and I only bracketed nominal and two stops under.  I should have leaned a bit harder on the ISO.

Larry Colen
lrc at

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