PESO: mushroom season

Igor PDML-StR pdmlstr at
Mon Oct 21 11:56:53 EDT 2019

I envy you!
Great "harvest" and good photos!

We've been gathering those with my parents a lot when I was a kid.
It's been ages since I've done that. (I am not familiar with place in 
Texas where you can gather mushrooms, and I am not even sure if Central
Texas has much of variety of mushrooms that I am used to. The last time
I did mushroom hunting was in Mendocino county in N. California many years 

The mushrooms in your photos, I believe, are called "Honey mushroom" 
(Genus Armillaria).
The Russian name for it, "opyonok" (written as "openok", pl. openky), 
originates from "around a stump".
I just found that in Canada, in particular in Manitoba, it is called
the same way "openky", with the same origin attribution (via Ukrainian).

I just discovered this fun fact:
( )
One of the four UK species can cause sickness when ingested 
with alcohol. For those unfamiliar with the species, it is advisable not 
to drink alcohol for 12 hours before and 24 hours after eating this 
mushroom to avoid any possible nausea and vomiting.

In Russia, people often use marinated "Openky"- Honey Mushroom as a chaser 
after a shot of vodka. 
And I've never heard about anybody there vomiting after these mushroom...
On the other hand, after plenty of vodka...

Thanks for sharing!


Henk Terhell Tue, 15 Oct 2019 01:10:22 -0700 wrote:

Never seen so many mushrooms as in this autumn.
Probably a combination of hot summer spells and a wet start of autumn.
I'm running around like mad to get pictures in the woods here.
Mostly do focus stacking to get everything sharp.
Here two examples out of my series:


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