sort of OT: my new website

Gonz rgonzomatic at
Fri Oct 18 15:09:32 EDT 2019

Holy smokes! That cover shot is amazeballs!


On Wed, Oct 16, 2019 at 3:53 PM Doug Brewer <doug at> wrote:
> Hi, kids.
> Some of you have been following me to a degree and others may wonder
> what I've been up to. Or maybe not.
> Whatever, I finally, after a number of years, have a new website where
> I'm posting examples of current work to my online portfolio. Since
> moving to Georgia I have entered the photographer/model community in a
> more serious way, and am beginning to see some success.
> At any rate, if you're in any way interested, the address is
> It's not fully populated yet, but the structure is solid.
> Thanks,
> Doug
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