Pentax Photo Gallery

Ken Waller kwaller at
Fri Oct 18 14:15:06 EDT 2019

I submitted 1 image in the last week of September and its still in the 
pending category, before that I had none in the pending category.

The gallery will only let me search for images by camera and not lens.

A few day ago while trying to vote I was seeing older images that had been 
in the gallery for years.

I'm glad Ricoh is showing interest.

Kenneth Waller

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From: "Daniel J. Matyola" <danmatyola at>
Subject: Pentax Photo Gallery

>I am just curious as to who else is submitting and voting on images in the
> PPG, now that it is reactivated, and what kind of experiences you are
> having there.
> Overall, the "new" gallery is very nice, but I don't understand how Ricoh
> is handling the submissions process.
> Since the gallery was reactivated, I have had 3 submissions approved, and
> none declined.
> I had about 60 images in the "Pending Photos" queue, all submitted between
> March and June of 2018, and none of those has been processed. I submitted
> two on Sep 23, and both were approved in about a week.  I submitted 13 on
> Sep 25, none of which has been processed.  I submitted one on October 11,
> which was approved in less than two days.  I submitted two more on Oct. 
> 16,
> neither of which have yet been processed.
> It appears they are ignoring submissions from 2018, although they all 
> still
> appear in the "Pending Photos" folder.  The process for approving recent
> submissions seems almost random.
> Quite curious.
> Dan Matyola
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> <>*

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