Pentax Photo Gallery

Daniel J. Matyola danmatyola at
Thu Oct 17 15:10:34 EDT 2019

I am just curious as to who else is submitting and voting on images in the
PPG, now that it is reactivated, and what kind of experiences you are
having there.

Overall, the "new" gallery is very nice, but I don't understand how Ricoh
is handling the submissions process.

Since the gallery was reactivated, I have had 3 submissions approved, and
none declined.

I had about 60 images in the "Pending Photos" queue, all submitted between
March and June of 2018, and none of those has been processed. I submitted
two on Sep 23, and both were approved in about a week.  I submitted 13 on
Sep 25, none of which has been processed.  I submitted one on October 11,
which was approved in less than two days.  I submitted two more on Oct. 16,
neither of which have yet been processed.

It appears they are ignoring submissions from 2018, although they all still
appear in the "Pending Photos" folder.  The process for approving recent
submissions seems almost random.

Quite curious.

Dan Matyola

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