GESO (5) - Cordoba Mosque-Cathedral

Rick Womer rickpics14 at
Tue Oct 15 19:15:33 EDT 2019

In Cordoba, Spain, construction of the Great Mosque began in 784, and continued for 200 years. When the Christians took over in 1236, they began building chapels in the sahn (courtyard), and turned the minaret into a bell tower. In the 1500s the sahn was converted into the nave of a cathedral.

I think the prayer halls (this small gallery) are the most affecting religious structure I have seen. 

I plan a second small gallery of the transition from the Islamic to the Christian parts of the building; and then a final one of the cathedral.


(The “monastery" in the link is a late-night goof that Smugmug refuses to let go of.)

Comments appreciated!


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