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ann sanfedele annsan at nyc.rr.com
Tue Oct 15 08:41:13 EDT 2019

Looks better here than viewing on facebook... :-)  He reminds me 
somewhat  (at least in this piece) of Ferdinand Hodler.  I like it a lot.


On 10/14/2019 10:32 AM, Paul Stenquist wrote:
> A very nice lady in Colorado, who happens to be an art restoration expert, located a canvas my father painted 90 years ago at the age of 23. I of course purchased it. Can't wait to see it on my living room wall. She is repairing the damaged area that can be seen at left, but it's a small defect and the fix will probably not be noticeable.
> My siblings and I don’t have any examples of dad’s art created prior to 1937, so this is special. It provides an early glimpse into the mind and vision of the man whom I am proud to call father.
> It seems dad was prolific in the 1930s, but sold almost many of his paintings during the Great Depression. This is the first that has resurfaced.
> https://www.photo.net/photo/18563483/Nils-Stenquist-1929

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