More photos of new APS-C Flagship.

Pat Temmerman ptemmer at
Sat Oct 12 15:06:10 EDT 2019

Like it. Off/On/ stop-down, depth of field button. Don't need anything 
else. Like my K-70 a lot, but the Off/On/Video configuration is a 
pain.When out walking I tend to leave the camera On. If I forget, I pull 
the camera up to eye-level while moving the switch to the right , ie. 
video. Not tempted to replace the 70..... makes life more interesting to 
just piss yourself off now and then.

On 12/10/2019 19:28, P. J. Alling wrote:
> In case anyone missed this.
> I must say I like the looks of this camera.   The function dial on the 
> right of the Pentaprism has only three positions which seems like a 
> waste of a dial but still, at least it groups functions that are related.

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