Fs Friday - my stuff - calendars, books, mugs, tshirts

ann sanfedele annsan at nyc.rr.com
Fri Oct 11 11:07:07 EDT 2019

stuff on this site includes my new wall calendar PATTERNS IN NATURE in 
two sizes,  the Paris book more than a few of you have already and
a couple of designs on T-shirts,mugs and tote bags... 'I go for 
Baroque", "Vegan" "Do Crosswords don't Use Cross words"

DO have a look and give me any feedback you hvae a mind to even if you 
are not of a mind to buy any .  I kept the markup on everything lower than
what CPC suggests .  In addition to the newest wall calendar I migrated 
a couple more of my best sellers from the past that people bought on 

The printing of the calendars and books on create photo calendars is 
first rate.. I ordered myself one t-shirt to check out how they do on 
them and because I like my design 'I go for Baroque" especially.. The T 
shirt color shown when you load the page is only one of about a dozen 
colors offered ... there are swatches to show others.  There are 4 
different mug styles too.  Maybe some of these would make nice presents 
.. too early to shop?



ann sanfedele photography

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