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Sun Oct 6 10:14:49 EDT 2019

I just looked and found all three I submitted a couple of weeks ago are 
now in they come up at the top of my page.

Been a very busy couple of weeks for me - a lot on my plate..  a good 
thing but my head is swimming..


On 10/4/2019 12:15 AM, Daniel J. Matyola wrote:
> A quick update on the PPG.
> I just noticed that 2 of the images I submitted last week (of the Praying
> Mantis on our pool deck) have been approved in the Gallery.  I am wondering
> about the voting process, as I still have a large number of images in the
> "Pending Review" section, some going back to January 2018.  I am glad,
> however, to see that they are tabulating votes and approving images.
> Dan Matyola
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> <>*
> On Wed, Oct 2, 2019 at 9:59 AM Daniel J. Matyola <danmatyola at>
> wrote:
>> A few updated comments on the PPG:
>> 1.  Voting.  I am spending as much time voting as possible, but the
>> backlog appears infinite.  I think some of the images have come around for
>> a second time, and I try to skip over those the second time.  There were
>> quite a few new ones this morning, however.
>> 2.  Uploads.  The upload system is working quite well, although, despite
>> the instructions, it allowed me to upload more than five right at the start.
>> 3.  Approvals/Rejections.  I have not had any of my images uploaded last
>> year approved or rejected since the system went back up.  Has anyone else
>> had any images processed and approved or rejected?
>> 4.  Order of images.  Until yesterday, all the images in my gallery were
>> sorted with the oldest image first.  This made it extremely difficult to
>> tell im any were approved, as I had to scroll all the way down.  Now, the
>> most recent images are at the head of each queue.  This is much more
>> convenient.
>> 5.  Premiere Collection.  There have been no additions to this excellent
>> gallery of images since the gallery became active again.
>> Anyone else have any comments or recent experiences to share?
>> Dan Matyola
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>> <>*

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