Will be visiting the US the first three weks of November, PDML meets appreciated :)

Jan van Wijk pentax at dfsee.com
Wed Oct 2 16:55:17 EDT 2019

Hi John,

On Mon, 30 Sep 2019 11:54:13 -0400 John wrote:
>Sounds like you'll be passing through (or more likely OVER) Raleigh, NC, 

If by 'OVER' you mean by plane, no I will be doing the whole trip by car, some 3500 miles :)

>but if for some reason you're going to stop there - like maybe to gas up a rental car - drop me a note & I can at least buy you a cup of coffee.

I might hold you to that :)

I guess I can reach you on the email you subscribe to on the PDML ?
(I'll have access to my jvw.dfsee at gmail.com account)

>.... or even if you approach the Wilson-Rocky Mount area on I-95. With even a couple hours advance notice I could head down that way (it's about an hour 
drive from my home) and introduce you to the *BEST* Barbecue in the World - whole hog, pulled pork.

That would be nice too, I really like BBQ. 

So, whatever is more convenient for you.
I wouldn't mind going through Raleigh proper, perhaps even stay there for the night.

I could either visit Raleigh on my way south, probably on the 31st of October,
or on the way north to NYC, on the 12th or 13th of November.

>Someday, I'd like to visit the B&H store "just for kicks" too.

Been there once, somewhere around 2005 or so, it is HUGE :)

>>And the new APCS prototype was on display (under glass :)
>Did they clarify what the "small sensor" under the viewfinder is for?

No, unfortunately they did not know ANYTHING about it, appearantly it was
the first '100 year' event in Europe (actual date is in November) and they
only received the prototype the day before the event.

But like on DPReview and other sites, most people guess it is to
switch off/on a touch-screen. But it COULD have some function
for a hybrid viewfinder too I guess ...

Regards, JvW

Jan van Wijk;   http://www.dfsee.com
Flickr : jvw_pentax

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