Pentax Photo Gallery

Daniel J. Matyola danmatyola at
Wed Oct 2 09:59:21 EDT 2019

A few updated comments on the PPG:

1.  Voting.  I am spending as much time voting as possible, but the backlog
appears infinite.  I think some of the images have come around for a second
time, and I try to skip over those the second time.  There were quite a few
new ones this morning, however.

2.  Uploads.  The upload system is working quite well, although, despite
the instructions, it allowed me to upload more than five right at the start.

3.  Approvals/Rejections.  I have not had any of my images uploaded last
year approved or rejected since the system went back up.  Has anyone else
had any images processed and approved or rejected?

4.  Order of images.  Until yesterday, all the images in my gallery were
sorted with the oldest image first.  This made it extremely difficult to
tell im any were approved, as I had to scroll all the way down.  Now, the
most recent images are at the head of each queue.  This is much more

5.  Premiere Collection.  There have been no additions to this excellent
gallery of images since the gallery became active again.

Anyone else have any comments or recent experiences to share?

Dan Matyola

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